Captcha – Life at Scale (2020)

EP – autoproduction – électronic music


« Benoît Déchaut aka CAPTCHA is a producer based in Paris making music that mixes a combination of analog sounds and field recordings. This mixture creates a sensitive universe where the use of machines seek to imitate, transform or interpret natural phenomena.

His use of jarring melodies and immersive sound material makes a structured cacophony of experimental music. The aptly titled track Turing Test is perfectly accompanied by a frenzied offering of synchronised visuals.

His first EP, Life at Scale, tries to tell unique stories on different perspectives of life, space and time. He signs this first EP in order to transmit his sensitivity to the world around him by sculpting sound. »
PlasticMag UK

All track are composed by Benoit Déchaut
Mixing by Nicolas Mollet
Mastering by Ben Auriel from Studio Bellagio

Artwork from Alexia Blobs and Fluff and Typography by Martin Violette