No Way Out (2018)

Court-métrage – 15′ – Chef opérateur son

Lien de visionnage


2033 – Most of humanity is infertile. A totalitarian regime took control of the USA and made an army out of orphans from all over the world. This special task force, named the AUTORITY and led by a mysterious figure called JANUS, dampens social discontent with an iron fist. Frank and John betray the authority and steal the infertility cure – the « NATIO » – with the help of its inventor, Mark, who happens to be John’s brother. They want to leave the country and spread it to the rest of the world but things don’t come around as expected.

Scénario : Karim Chériguène
Réalisation : Arnaud Gransagne
Production : End Of Line
Diffusion : Amazon Prime
Musique : Jérémie Mazan
Perchman : Olivier Thoral
Montage son : Antoine Martin
Mixage : Lucien Richardson

Avec : Charlie Morgan, Daniel Hederich, Kevin Zonnenberg